Shipping Charges

• Pick-up at our farm is free of charge.  We do, however, charge $3 per bucket, if you do not bring your own.

• Local delivery near the Carlsbad Flower Mart is $30 – but can be split among multiple designers receiving a delivery.

• An independent courier can deliver flowers (in buckets) for delivery to Northern Orange County and Los Angeles County for $135.00.

• Beyond the Greater Los Angeles area we recommend overnight shipping by FedEx or a shipper of your choosing.

• A one-half box with 25 stems is around $80 for overnight shipping with FedEx; and
• A full box of 60-80 stems is around $135-$150  using overnight shipping with FedEx.

You will be contacted prior to shipping with the exact cost if you wish.  Simply use the Notes field when ordering to so indicate.

NOTE 01:  If weather is warm, additional ice packs may be required to preserve your purchased rose stems, thus adding FedEx shipping cost due to the added weight.

NOTE 02:  For your own safety and our insurance requirements, no one other than authorized personnel are allowed entry into the rose fields unescorted, or to ever self-cut roses.