About Ella Rose Farm

Ella Rose Farm

Orders being cut in the field. Photo by Carmen Santorelli.

Ella Rose Farm is dedicated to bringing the finest field-grown cut garden roses directly to your studio or event.  Located in Fallbrook, atop a forever-view hill site that is daily swept by cooling ocean breezes, Ella Rose Farm enjoys the world-renowned climate of sunny, Southern California.

I’m Nancy Teasley, and I also own Oak & the Owl, a floral and event design company. Along with my parents, Nancy & Chuck Benninghoff, we started this farm in 2015, with the main purpose of selling the most beautiful garden roses to event florists, specializing in weddings.

Ella Rose Stainless Steel

Here I am with my son Bass, and some beautiful Stainless Steel. Photo by Carmen Santorelli

I’ve been a floral designer for the past 18 years, so I know first hand what designers are looking for when it comes to cut flowers. They need to work with a variety of bridal palettes; they need to be in differing shapes and sizes, excellent in quality, and long lasting. After tireless research, I’ve curated a field of the best varieties for event floral design.

These roses are quickly becoming known to be some of the healthiest and most beautiful in the field-grown garden rose business, and our family is committed to making our designers purchasing experience customized. We want to make sure your client gets the most beautiful blooms available, that work perfectly with your overall floral design direction.

For 2016 we are charging $3 per bloom, since many of our stems have multiple full sized blooms on them. If you are located in San Diego County, we charge a $30 delivery fee, meeting you near the Carlsbad Market. We have courier service for our Orange County and Los Angeles customers for $135. If you are located farther than LA, we will ship next day to you, via FedEx. If you receive your roses in our buckets, you will be charged $3/each. If you bring them back when picking up your next order, your account will be credited.

Nancy Teasley Ella Rose Farm

You can often find me in the field cutting Koko’s – one of our most popular varieties. Photo by Carmen Santorelli.

How to Order Roses:

First, it is best to “sign up” and become a member of the Ella Rose Farm family by using our Get Started page where you will be asked to provided typical account details.  You will be sent a confirmation email. From there, just follow the instructions and you’ll then able to take the next step – selecting your palette.

You may begin your rose ordering process by selection of either Color or Variety.

If we are not sold out at the time you place your order, you will be placed on our calendar, on a first come, first serve basis. We will let you know whether we can fit you on the schedule at the time you place your order. Then approximately 5-10 days out from your cut date, we will email you to let you know how the field is producing and what you can expect your counts to be. This way you can place an order with your local market in case we cannot fill your order.

Ellarose Farm 4

Roses from one of our first cuttings, Spring 2015.

Please keep in mind that field grown garden roses are sensitive to the elements and have growing periods. I’ve chosen varieties that are continually blooming, but the bushes still have slower times when they aren’t producing as much. Production is also affected in extreme heat as well as cooler temperatures. The farm is located in a prime rose growing zone, so our seasons our consistent, but issues pop up out of our control, which can affect your orders.

Our roses also sell out quickly. Many designers contact us at the beginning of the year to place orders for their entire season. If you think your client might want a specialized product like ours, please place your orders immediately to ensure you’ll get on our calendar.

Thank you so much for your interest in Ella Rose Farm! We are so excited to do business with you, and can’t wait to see what beauty you create with our product.